Versaural Evo

Versaural Evo

The gamechanger in Automotive Audio:

– 64 GFLOPS DSP Processing Power
– 30 Class-D Amplifier channels with up to 500W/Channel
– Digital Multiphase Multirail Boost supply
– 1GBit and 100MBit/sec OABR Ethernet AVB
– 2x Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) Controllers
– 8x Analogue Audio Inputs
– FD-CAN Bus interface
– Full Automotive Spec
– Dual and Quad-Core Cortex-A35 variants running Automotive Linux
– Dedicated M7 Core for AutoSAR OS

To reach this outstanding performance the GPU is used as accelerator for audio filtering, e.g. processing long FIR filter chains for room equalization/simulation which coeffiecients could be generated using Dirac Unison.


Probably the most versatile, most powerful and best sounding amplifier in the Automotive Audio market.

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The Versaural Evo reference amplifier is available with a customized Automotive Linux SDK including protocol stacks for CAN, Ethernet AVB, A2B, Bluetooth and USB. CrispAudio also provides the Automotive OEM Diagnostics stack for CAN, LIN and A2B. As option an AutoSAR stack for the Cortex-M7 is available as well as a hypervisor.

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