Clever design and advanced semiconductor technology enable ultra-high integrated DSP amplifiers.

Based on proven InnoMain Evo and Versaural Evo digital processing core on one PCBA, a second board contains a digital boost supply based on GaN transistors and power output stages with enhanced MOSFET technology. This enables higher switching frequencies, smaller inductors and capacitors, minimizes power losses and generates less heat.

This allows much smaller heatsinks, smaller housing and results in minimal required installation space for a maximum in output power, features and processing capabilities.

By separating high-speed digital electronics from high power electronics, products with different power levels, output channel count etc. can be derived very efficiently.

– 1-64 GFLOPS DSP Processing Power
– 12-30 Class-D Amplifier channels with up to 500W/Channel
– Digital Multiphase Multirail Boost supply
– 1GBit and 100MBit/sec OABR Ethernet AVB
– 3x Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) Controllers
– 8x Analogue Audio Inputs
– FD-CAN Bus interface
– Full Automotive Spec
– Linux, QNX, AutoSAR and SafeRTOS support


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The image on the left shows an 18-channel amplifier with up to 150W output power/channel and an i.MX8-based digital signal processing PCBA incl. 3x A2B, 1x OABR, CAN, 8x analogue input reuqiring less than 900cm³ installation space.

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