Point-Of-Load-Architecture -> Polar

The architecture of in-vehicle electronics is changing – ECUs are no longer partitioned with regards to their functionality but according to their location in the car. A central high-performance computing systems performs the main processing and “simple” sensors and actuators are accessed via electronic networks.

Applying this scheme to automotive audio applications, in the first step the amount of wiring can be significantly reduced by placing decentralized output amplifiers close to the speakers.

The network could either be A2B or OABR, the 12V supply which is available e.g. in the doors can be reused. Even AAC-LC compressed streams could be transmitted using CAN-FD.

Audio-wise this scheme enables a full-active system without passive crossovers, better speaker supervision and EMC and less noise.

E.g. a 4-channel amplifier could serve 3 in-door speakers incl. a dual-coil woofer.

By combining the amplifier with the existing door module electronics, further savings are possible, even the removal of CAN lines into the doors, so that wiring consists of a 4-wire cable only.



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crispAudio provides a range of decentralized amplifiers starting from a 4×25/40W door amplifier, a 150W subwoofer amplifier and combined door module/audio amplifier.

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