Sven Eckhardt

Sven Eckhardt

Sven Eckhardt started his working experience as trainee in the hardware development department at Kwest GmbH during his study at the University of Applied Sciences in Fulda.

After successfully completing his degree in electrical engineering with a specialization in information and communication technology, the entry into KWest GmbH as a hardware developer was correspondingly easy. In 2011, with the takeover of KWest GmbH by the Blaupunkt Group, he became team leader of the hardware department team and assumed responsibility as program manager for various international OEM projects in both the automotive and communications industries.

In 2012 he took the opportunity to take over the development department for the Blaupukt GmbH as Development Director at the Penang site (Malaysia) and was responsible for the overall planning of the department with 50+ developers. During this time, he acted as a technician with the authority to handle personnel with responsibility for the areas of mechanics, hardware, software development and project management. Furthermore to the development department, Malaysia was also Blaupunkt’s only production site at that time, so that in addition to his activity as development manager, he was also able to gain experience for the entire production cycle of the devices developed.

After returning to Germany in August 2014, he assumed the role of Head of Innovation & Platform and served as an Supervisor Lead Program Manager for Blaupunkt’s global development projects for automotive OEM head-units and amplifiers. Here he used the contacts in Asia collected in previous years for the overall coordination of the projects with development teams from Malaysia, India and Germany.

As Blaupunkt went for bankruptcy in 2015 he supported Premium Sound Solutions to transfer the Malayisan development and production team into the PSS landscape. He continued as the Head of Innovation & Platform and Supervisor Lead Program Manager to complete the running automotive OEM head-unit and amplifier developments, so the Malaysian entity has been able to catch the turnaround and become profitable within 2 years.

For a long time, he has been dealing with the option of being able to operate in his own business to incorporate the network and experience that has been created in more than 12 years of various automotive OEM projects for audio amplifiers and head-units with global development and production teams, gained in his own product portfolio. The desire for long-term business relationships with healthy growth as well as the desire to significantly influence the company’s orientation, cause him to become shareholder and Lead Engineer of crispAudio GmbH in 2017, a company that supply entire audio system solutions to car OEMs and tier1’s world-wide covering in-car connectivity, signal processing, embedded hardware and even loudspeakers.

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