Innosub is targetted at high-power point-of-load subwoofer applications ranging up to 2000W/channel. It employs crispAudio‘s InnoPower technology to generate the required boost voltage supply using a SW-controlled regulation circuit.

InnoSub offers analogue inputs which are digitized and processed by a DSP. This DSP generates a modulated output signal which is directly fed into a balanced H-Bridge stage enabling very high efficency and very low noise.

Using a SW-based solution, advanced audio processing is enabled (such as compressor, low or high pass filtering, …) using crispAudio‘s iFidelity Audio Suite. But this approach also enables to „predict“ the energy pulses required on the boost voltage rail and hence adapt the regulation target and speed of the boost supply – resulting in better EMC, lower noise and higher efficency.

Also Speaker diagnosis features (such as shorts or broken connections) can be diagnosed.Integrating all mixed-signal ICs and eliminating analogue circuitry in SW, InnoSub is a very cost-efficient solution for high-power audio amplifiers. The InnoSub reference amplifier is available now with a 500kW output stage.

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