Versaural is our most flexible amplifier system – it employs a ARM Cortex-A-based System-On-Chip which runs a customized Linux kernel with real-time extensions.

This on one side enables ultra-low audio latency applications and fast startup times, on the other side enables use of complex software stacks such as Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet AVB or WiFi.

Like this the amplifier can be extended to media server, portable device hub or even a TFT car radio.

Exploiting the ARM NEON instruction set, up to 2 GFLOPS are available for audio processing using the iFidelity Audio Suite or DSP Concepts‘ Audio Weaver.

The SOC offers connectivity solutions galore – CAN, LIN, Ethernet AVB or A2B are possible.

The Versaural reference amplifiers is a available as 100% AEC-Q grade design with 6 Class-D and 4 Class-AB amplifier channels with up to 150W/channel. The integrated 800W power supply is realized as multi-phase boost converter offering excellent efficency while being scalable to suit higher our lower output power needs.

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