Turnkey is the most powerful OEM audio amplifier platform available in the market today. It employs the DRA78X system-on-chips with up to 2 SIMD DSPs running at 750MHz hence offering more than 20 GFLOPS of audio processing power.

Furthermore the SOC embeds a dedicated FIR, IIR and FFT/IFFT acceleration engine to offload the DSPs for more complex algorithms. Two Cortex-M4 cores handle low latency audio processing (e.g. Active Noise Control) and network communication (CAN, A2B or Ethernet AVB) separately and even enable ASIL-B level safety.

Turnkey also makes use of the InnoPower digital boost supply technology to increase efficency and lower system cost.

CrispAudio offers the entire SW framework including an Automotive OEM Diagnostics stack, the iFidelity Audio Suite, the InnoPower digital power library, real-time operating systems for the DSP and ARM core, and Interprocessor communication framework, bootloader, …

Also an entire low latency audio framework (incl. sample rate conversion, mixing, routing, DMA-based I/O…) is available from crispAudio. DSPConcepts also offers their AudioWeaver framework tailored for our Turnkey platform. 3rd party algorithms for audio processing (e.g. Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D, …), voice recognition (e.g. Nuance), ANC (e.g. Müller BBM or Silentium) are already ported and instantly available.

An AutoSAR MCAL layer is available on request.The OEM-grade Turnkey reference amplifier is available today integrating a 8 analogue audio inputs, CAN, A2B and BroadR-Reach connectivity and 12 Class-D audio outputs with up to 150W/channel.

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