AVAS Portfolio


AVAS is the acronym for “Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System” legally required for full-electrical or hybrid-electrical vehicles to warn pedestrians of vehicles approaching. Most commonly it is a small control unit with integrated loudspeaker and electronics.

Beside fulfiling legal requirements, Automotive OEMs have now started to create signature sounds for their cars enhancing customer’s perception of their brand.

The AVAS devices are mounted outside the passenger compartment and need to work flawlessly being exposed to this harsh environment:

  • High and low temperatures (up to 125°C)
  • Submersive usage in water and mud
  • Stone chipping
  • Vibration and mechanical shock
  • Extreme electrical and magnetical fields and pulses from electrical propulsion systems

Together with our parent company Gemmy Electronics crispAudio has developed a very cost effective but robust platform to create AVAS system with versatile sound generation features.

Using signals from CAN or LIN network, the sound can be altered depending on car speed, engine load, acceleration, brake load, driving direction, …

A powerful configuration and simulation application can be used to create complex sound scenarios and test these in real-time without requiring to re-flash. the AVAS system.

The crispAudio AVAS platform supports classic AutoSAR 4.x as well as OEM-specific diagnosis using ISOTP and UDS.

The hardware fulfills world-wide requirements of major car OEMs and can support functional-safety up to ASIL level B.

crispAudio also supports multi-channel AVAS application using audio beamforming.

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