iFidelity is a Audio Processing SW suite embracing audio transport (e.g. incl. (de-)multiplexing, sorting, sample width conversion), conversion(e.g. synchronous and asynchronous sample rate conversion, fixed2float, float2fixed) and processing (equalization, volume control, 3D enhancements, dynamics adjustment).

iFidelity is split into a HW-dependant part that can be easily modified to gain maximum performance for different CPU/DSP cores by using their dedicated assembler commands for SIMD, MAC or even libraries (e.g. for FFT, NLMS, …) available from the core vendor (e.g. CMSLIB from ARM, TI DSPLib/MathLib, …). The other part of iFidelity is fully portable C++ code.

The algorithms are specially targetted for automotive use, e.g. there are high-quality sample rate converters for music playback and low latency ones for speech processing.

Also the 3D surround sound was developed for in-car usage using a correlation based approach to divide the audio stage into sectors which can then be remixed and assigned to the available output speaker channels creating an unprecedented listening experience on all seats.

Please find an overview of available algorithms:

  • DMA-based Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
  • DMA-based Sample Width Conversion
  • Asynchronous and Synchronous Sample Rate Converters
  • Volume Control with adjustable phase shift
  • Bass, Mid, Treble, Graphic and Parametric EQ, Cross-Over
  • Phase Control/Compensation and Phase Shift
  • Adjustable Delay Line
  • Dynamics Compander (Compressor and Expander)
  • Virtual Bass Boost
  • Compressed Audio Reconstruction
  • Automotive 3D surround
  • Echo Canceller and Noise Reducer
  • Voice Activity Detection and Barge-In Control
  • Adaptive Microphone Beamforming
  • Seamless DAB/FM blending
  • Chime Generator and Sound Synthesizer

All algorithms can be turned on/off and adjusted without any audible artefacts.

A powerful tuning tool is used to configure the audio processing in real-time without requiring to reprogram or reboot the device.

The tuning application can also import filter coefficients from 3rd party tools (e.g. Dirac) to provide a seamless configuration experience.

iFidelity tuning tool and algorithms are used in numerous OEM projects world-wide for more than a decade now.

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