Microphone Solutions

Microphone Arrays

In-vehicle voice processing has become an essential since the introduction of mobile phones. Since then voice quality especially for the so-called far-end has been improved significantly by applying adaptive filters for echo cancellation and noise suppression.

Nowadays microphone arrays and adaptive beamforming technics further enhance signal-to-noise ratio and eliminate echo paths.Wide-band telephony applications further increase quality perception and intelligibility for both ends but also raise the requirements for CPU processing power.

New applications such as in-car communication, noise masking or even active noise cancellation impose new requirements to microphone systems.

crispAudio has developed a solution that

a) enhances existing system by applying an adaptive beamforming algorithm to a 4 microphone signal before an optimized microphone signal is forwarded for further processing to e.g. an infotainment headunit,

b) can be used for a wide variety of new applications. An optional built-in DSP realizes a  full-featured voice processing solutions including adaptive beamforming, acoustic echo cancellation and noise suppression but can also calculate spectral information of recorded noise so entertainment audio can be enhanced.

c) realizes a cost-effective microphone array which is connected via A²B to an external processing unit. crispAudio can also deliver the processing solution for those external processing units (e.g. headunit, amplifier, telematics box…)

The microphones are digital MEMS microphones for superior SNR. Matching of all 4 microphones guarantee best possible beamformiing performance. The sensitivity of the microphones can be adapted to customers’ needs.

crispAudio’s microphone solution fulfill all automotive requirements with regards to EMC, temperature, … and is full AEC-Q compliant.

The microphone array can be diagnosed through A2B or CAN and UDS incl. firmware update, DTC logging, …

Mechanically, crispAudio offers customized housings to enable different mounting options for the microphone array.

crispAudio offers a dedicated PC application to tune the microphone array ‘live’ in the car to efficiently optimize the algorithm parameters.

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