The development of complex products needs to be supported, controlled and challenged through processes tailored individually for each company in order to meet all functional requirements as well as time, cost and quality targets.

Often SW developers proclaim agile SW development just to hide chaos and an uncontrolled development process in their department which leads to delays or questionable SW quality.

crispAudio offers the vast experience of it’s team members to support customer all around the world to improve their development, production and support processes.

This includes:

Technical Consultancy

Do your future products require new features (such as Internet connectivity) and can not be based on your existing platforms or are you new to high-speed embedded systems – then crispAudio can help to get you up to speed

Design-To-Cost / Cost-Down

Often products are based on old components or discrete design principles which lead to higher products cost and hence are not competitive any more. Let crispAudio help you to simplify and cost-down your product.

Project Turn-around / Interim Management

Is your product development late or even stuck ? You do not meet important requirements, quality goals fail? Let crispAudio help you to get back on track. We have served numerous customers world-wide solving crisis in development projects and recovering dead projects.

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