Car Connectivity

Car Connectivity

The connection of electronic control units has become standard in all car system architecture. It enables more safety, more comfort, less wiring and much quicker problem diagnosis.

Rooting back to the 1990s, CAN is still the most common network technology in the car accompanied by LIN for low end requirements as well as FlexRay and Ethernet for high-speed applications.

To guarantee interoperability among the ECUs although they are developed by many different suppliers, the car industry has created the AutoSAR initiative ~10 years ago. crispAudio is registered vendor ( and can develop and deliver 100% compliant ECUs.

For OEMs not using AutoSAR, crispAudio can offer it’s own OEM CAN and Diagnostics Stack which consists of a hw-dependant CAN (or LIN or FlexRax) driver, a full-featured ISO Transport Layer (ISOTP), a Unified Diagnostics Service(UDS) Manager and UDS standard services, e.g. for reading and writing DIDs, managing DTCs or handling SW updates.

crispAudio can also provide the corresponding bootloader, flash management software and system verification tool.

As Ethernet is becoming more and more important in the car (e.g. using the BroadR-Reach standard), crispAudio has also developed SW solutions for Ethernet usage in the car including dedicated features such as “Wake on Ethernet” or Audio-Video-Bridging(AVB).

These SW modules can either be integrated into a RTOS or can be used in full-featured operating system such as Linux.

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